Aged Rums Are Our Specialty

For the past 20 years we have been working with distillers around the world, helping them create new rums and fine tune their existing ones. During this time, we have also developed our own inventory of rums, designed to satisfy the most demanding palates. We are proud to offer our rums in bulk (or bottled via co-packers) to companies seeking something special.

Whether you want to create a brand new rum, or re-create one from yesteryear, our expert Master Blenders can get the job done. We have specialty rums not available anywhere else, including small-batch, craft rum produced by artisans around the world. We cater to the most demanding clients, so we demand a lot from our rums.

We have rums that are aged in White American Oak barrels (new and ex-bourbon). We also have rums aged in French Oak barrels, and we can custom finish -upon request- all of our inventory in specialty casks, such as Port, Sherry and Cognac Barrels.

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20+years of experience

We have designed, installed and expanded rum distilleries around the world. We understand rum and know how to make it right.

150+standard marks

You can select one of our standard marks (rum types) and be ready to go in no time, or we can custom blend your own, personalized formulation.


Our inventory includes rums from over a dozen countries, and we are constantly looking for more distillers who meet our strict criteria.

3aging warehouses

The bulk of our inventory is currently distributed among 3 warehouses, strategically selected for their location: one in the Caribbean and two in the USA.


Alembic or Column Distilled

We have rums distilled in alembic stills and rums distilled in column stills, all with different congener composition and concentration. We can also blend the two types to arrive at any point in the congener spectrum.

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Formulated/Blended or Straight

We offer unformulated/unblended rum, for those clients who want to formulate it themselves, or we can take care of the formulation, even proofing, delivering a rum that is ready to bottle.

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Convenient Shipping

USA-based clients can receive our rums directly from one of our USA facilities, without having to get involved with import permits and brokers. International clients can also receive from the USA, or from one of our warehouses abroad. Low minimum orders.

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